Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, September 6 - Travel to Pagosa Springs

1 of 3 - Pagosa Springs, CO

Saturday started at 4:45 for us. I hadn’t mentioned this before, but Jesse hurt his back at work last Saturday and was still not doing too good. I did all the packing as usual, but I also had to pack the car. He is not suppose to lift anything over 30 lbs, but I didn't want him lifting at all.

It was a nice cool morning and we got on the road at 6am. We took I-25 south then at Walsenburg we took Hwy 160. We stopped in Walsenburg at a small place for some breakfast, it was very good, and then continued on Hwy 160 all the way into Pagosa Spring.

We went through two tunnels on the way and saw a deer along the side of the road.

Can you see the deer?

It was a pretty drive going over 2 passes La Veta Pass and Wolf Creek Pass.

We past The Continental Divide Trail which is a 3,100 mile trail, traveling from Canada to Mexico, through five western states- Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

We arrived at the Ranch around 12:30

The 1st person we saw was Doug. We introduced ourselves and all the fun started.

Howard was talking with some other people so we waited to say hello, with hugs of course, until he had finished. Linda, JoAnn and Karen were off on a train ride and would be back late this afternoon.

We sat on the porch and talked with Howard about so many different things. He would have to get up and answer the phone, but it was a quite day for him. After a while I decided to go to our cabin and get things unpacked and the boys settled in.

Just as I was doing this Fillmore finally made an appearance. He was very friendly and much taller than I thought he would be. He and our boys also got acquainted.

We were staying in Vic’s Cabin and look at our Welcome Linda left for us.

After I had things all unpacked I made Jesse a sandwich and we went back to the ranch house and visited more with Howard and Doug. Howard brought out some cookies for us to enjoy and we did. It is so peaceful here, all you hear is nature and cows.

While sitting we enjoyed watching the birds and hummers. Howard would tell us the names of the birds.

It was around 6pm when I had gone back to our cabin to feed the boys when Linda, JoAnn and Karen had returned. They came to the cabin to say hello with hugs and I finally met JoAnn. We have communicated with each other for awhile now, but this was our 1st face to face.

We went back to the ranch house and sat and talked and laughed and had a great time. 7:00pm was dessert hour and we were all there enjoying the wonderful pies, cake, cookies, coffee, tea and wine with great conversation and laughter.

Around 9pm we all said goodnight and went to our separate sleeping places. Jesse and I walked the boys and then off to bed.

It was a very good full day and we both had a GREAT time.
See ya down the road.

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