Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday June 10 - Gooseberry Patch (CS, CO)


Today was a normal day not as hot as it has been. I got caught up on my shows that recorded while I was away and just messed around the house.

I was scheduled to work 1-9, but one of the groups that was suppose to come in cancelled, so things were slow and I got off at 6:00pm. Jesse also didn’t work a full day.

He was suppose to have leftovers for dinner, but we decided to go down to the Gooseberry Patch Family Restaurant in Penrose for dinner. We had a very good meal with large servings and priced right. We were too full to have dessert, but we decided to get it to go for later.

Kris left us a message on our blog about water pressure for showers. Most of the time I have no problems with our pressure. Some camp grounds pressure is not the best. I have never used a bath house, but I know many full-timers that do from time to time, so they can get a more invigorating shower. Hope this helps!

Tomorrow should be a little more exciting to write about because we are attending our only granddaughter’s 16th birthday party.

Until then

Hugs to everyone!!


Speedy said...

Your work sounds like ours. You still get to do things on the side when your off and getting to visit with the grandkids is special. We sure would like to come up to Colorado and see you two but we have to settle with the Ozarks for now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer! Looks like it is all part of the adventure!

squawmama said...

Sounds like your still enjoying your time there... Have fun & travel safe