Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, June 28 - Time with Friends & Family (CS, CO)


I haven’t written since Wednesday, because nothing much has happened until the weekend.

I closed the office both Thursday and Friday. It has stayed steady in the office with guests visiting, phones ringing, people purchasing items from the store and check-in. I like the work, it is not stressful and everyone is just so nice.

On Saturday I worked until 2pm. Jesse also came in when I called to help one of our guest move from one site to another. The guest had an old 5th wheel that was very low to the ground and had problems getting their rig set-up in the site and getting it level.

He also showed some guests to their sites and just helped where needed.

I came home and relaxed for a while before we headed to Boone for an evening with our children.

Beth and DJ were having a fish fry. DJ and Adam had gone fishing and caught most of the fish. It makes Jesse and I very happy to know that our children and their spouses get along well and are close. Although Adam and Beth have always been close and we are very grateful for that blessing.

Back to the fish fry. They fried Walleye, and two other type of fish, everything tasted really good.


They also grilled on wood planks some white salmon, halibut (given to DJ by a guy he worked with that fished in Alaska) and trout. I had never eaten white salmon, it tastes different but still good.


We got home late and walked the boys then off to bed.

Today was a day off for me, so I slept in not getting out of bed until 8:30.

Jesse left about 10am to help David with a trip in town. David needed to make another trip, but Jesse wasn’t able to help him on the 2nd run because we had plans with Tony and Jackie to meet up with Lynette and Greg.

The four of us left the campground around 2:15 and headed for Manitou Springs. We all met at the Stagecoach Inn.


None of us had eaten here before. We arrived to find Lynette and Greg there already. We all did hugs and handshakes. This was the 1st time Jackie and Tony had met Lynette and Mac.

We all ordered cocktails and the conversation was continuous. Our waiter was very nice and allowed us to delay ordering our entrée.


The food was nothing to write home about, being very was bland, but everyone finished their meal.  Each couple ordered one dessert, I shared my cherry cobbler ala mode with Jesse, it was very good.

We walked outside and stood in the parking lot for awhile still talking.


It was a fun afternoon, good to see Mac and Netters again and try to catch up. We stopped at Walgreens on the way back to the camp to pick-up some items that were on sale.

We just relaxed with the A/C running, because it was a hot day in the mountains, about 95 degrees.


Kathy said...

The Walleye sounds delicious, one of my favorites! So good that you had time with friends...I hope to do that sometime when we're in the same "neck of the woods."

squawmama said...

Wow the BBQ fish looked great....
Have fun & Travel safe

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