Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, July 15 - Travel to Seward (Seward, Alaska)


Confused but not complaining!

We were staying in Ninilchik so we could get fish. The guys did two charters to fish for halibut and were very successful at getting over 50 pounds.

Then they started fishing for salmon. They fished several times but Bob only got a few fish. Yesterday when they fished they were successful at getting there quota for the day. This meant the fish were coming in again and we are leaving ????


We left Country Boy about 8:30am and traveled to Seward.

A really nice view of Mount Redoubt.


The fireweed along the road is now in bloom


Other sites




Then we pulled in Seward city limits


and saw this


We found the park where we had planned to stay


and found our spot.


Unfortunately we have no hook-ups but look at the view!!!!! ….. this is Resurrection Bay

BAZINGA!!!! I could stay here for a long time.


Bob and Janet are about 5 sites down from us, we went down there for some lunch. It was warm and sunny so we ate outside.


After lunch Jesse and I drove into town to look for a place to get my nails done. There was only one place in town and you have to call to make an appointment, so I left a message.

We decided while we were out we would get some info on the tours offered in the area. Jesse remembered that Major Marine Tour was one that was in our Alaska tour saver so we went there 1st.


We found they had a 4-hour Wildlife evening tour that started at 6pm that looked like a good one. We took a brochure and headed back to camp to talk with B&J. They liked the idea and so our evening was set. When we got there to pay for our tickets we found that for about $20 more per couple they served a buffet dinner of prime rib and salmon. We all said okay. As side dishes they had a salad, rice dish with veggie(very tasty) and bread. Jesse, Bob and Janet said the beef was good and I enjoyed the salmon.

Our gang plank

cruise 003

2 015

Our Captain: John

Our Ranger: Jim

2 005

As we past the camp ground we could see the Kram-a-lot on shore.

2 013

The waterway we are traveling in is called a fjord. A fjord is a glacial valley that has been filled by the sea water. The fjords in this area have been created from the glaciers that come from the Harding Ice field.  Glaciers form when more snow falls in winter than melts in the summer.There are 4 types of glaciers:

Cirque Glaciers-small bowl shaped depressions between mountains valleys.

Tidewater Glaciers-come down to the ocean and tower out of the water.

Valley Glaciers-flow down from the mountains but there extreme point or terminus is above sea level.

Piedmont Glaciers-flow down onto a flat, open plain and from an aerial view are spoon shaped.

cruise 018cruise 020

Ranger Jim was very knowledgeable and pointed out many birds: bald eagles, kittiwakes, cormorants, common murre and puffins.

2 047

This is a picture of the solar powered camera that is here to watch and study the wildlife in the area

cruise 036

We saw Steller sea lions

cruise 042cruise 043

Mountain Goats

cruise 046cruise 048

We saw some bunkers left from World War II

2 030bunkers

As were were heading to Bear Glacier for a closer look

Guess what we saw!  WHALE-HUMPBACK

Now I was too busy watching to get good pictures and they were hard to get even though we watched for about 30 minutes.

cruise 049cruise 091cruise 101cruise 102

cruise 109cruise 110

We spent so much time watching the whale there was no time left to get closer to Bear Glacier.

I was very excited to see this whale. It made the whole cruise worth it for me!!

I believe Janet got much better pictures than I did so be sure to visit their blog

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Trent and Teresa said...

What an amazing day!!

New things to see and do with every stop.

Would love to see a whale!!

Take care ... TnT