Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, September 10 -

Today started like most work days.

We had an appointment with a property manager to discuss renting our house this evening. Our thoughts are to rent the house for a year or two, while making a little profit. Then hopefully the housing market will get better and we will be able to sell the house without taking a to much of a loss. The sale price right now has us losing $30,000.

We really liked the guy and he works with our realtor so that the house stays on the "For Sale" market until it is under contract "For Rent".

The management service gets 10% of the rent to manage our property and 1/2 of the 1st months rent for advertising, credit reports, references, showing the house and whatever else it takes to get it rented.

Jesse and I have a few more things to check into, but I think we are going to try it, at lease for one year.

If all works out quickly we may

See ya down the road soon.

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Speedy said...

Be real careful that things don't get miss treated during the rent cycle. Things get torn up and it makes it hard to sale at that point. Yard not cared for carpets etc. I use to do fix up for houses rented and then sold. Renters can damage a lot of stuff real quick. Hope this works out for you We would like to see you on the road next year when we go.

Joe and Sherri