Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, May 26 - Travel to Jasper Glacier Skywalk (Jasper, Canada)


We left the campground around 8am this morning with B&J in the lead.

A different look at one of the mountains this morning. I really like the gold and blue colors. The sun was just coming up.


We saw the black rabbit that Bob told us about and snapped a picture.


We traveled to Banff National Park and paid the entrance fee..We (Bob) paid one yesterday also. An entrance fee must be paid every day you are in the park.


It was drizzling off and on all day today. The sun would peek out then hide again. There were clouds covering the tops of the mountain ranges. I thought it was beautiful. I took over 100 pictures today, but I won’t post them all.


At our highest elevation was 6,800 and it was 38 degrees.

032 037039042

There were many waterfalls coming down from the mountains


At one point there was a sharp “U” in the road so I was able to get a picture of Bob and Janet.


About half way between Banff and Jasper there is The Glacier Skywalk attraction. It just opened in May of this year. It is a glass floored observation platform 280 meters 918 feet over glacier formed valleys and rushing waterfalls.

Glacier Skywalk 001Glacier 001

This picture was taken through the floor the the walkway.



There was also the Columbia Icefield Glacier here but we didn’t take the tour of that. But of course I did get a picture.


We continued our travel to Jasper National Park.


Wildlife we saw today bear, rabbit, big horn sheep, and white tail deer.

And we are now all set up in Jasper Park National Whistler Campground.

Site 002Site 003

We plan to spend two nights here.

We left and went into town to get something to eat and find a place with WiFi to post our blogs. Here we are at Tim Horton’s.


roamingwhenwecan said...

Beautiful...Brings back memories of traveling thru that area. It's been quite a few years!

Trent and Teresa said...

Yikes, my American friends look a little chilly ... ha ha.

Hope the sun breaks through tomorrow, but even if it doesn't, you are in nature's finest.

Safe travels ... TnT