Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, May 28 - Travel Day to Dawson Creek (Dawson Creek, Canada)


We left Jasper around 8am, it was 42 degrees and raining. It rained most of the travel today. Occasionally the sun would come out for just a few miles, then it would rain again.

We traveled out of Jasper National Park to NW 40. We thought we would see lots of wildlife along this route, but only saw a few.

Deer and Elk

jasper- 046

jasper- 051

We saw a bull elk but only B&J got pictures of it.

We stopped in Grande Cache to stretch our legs and use the potty.

jasper- 053

When we got back into the truck to leave, Bob and Janet both were hollering to us that our bedroom slide was still out. This was the second time on our trip that Jesse forgot to put it in when he was finished in the rig. He said  “I remembered to turn off the pump”. We all got a laugh.

There was some pretty country sides, but it was hard to take pictures because of the rain.

jasper- 055

jasper- 058jasper- 059

Our destination was Grande Prairie, but it was still early so we decided to travel on to Dawson Creek.

jasper- 069

The rain had mostly stopped by then and the sun came out and it started to warm up. Most of the day the temps we around 47 degrees. This afternoon it got to 62 degrees.

There were fields and fields of dandelions. Not sure what they do with them but there is lots.

jasper- 072jasper- 070jasper- 071

jasper- 077

We found our campground Northern Lights RV Park and paid for 2 nights. We got set up and was disgusted at how dirty ours rigs were.

jasper- 084

jasper- 085

We relaxed for awhile then went over to B&J for dinner. I made a salad and Janet made a chicken and broccoli bake.


It was yummy good.


As soon as we were finished the guys started to discuss our next stop. I made the statement that we seem to be rushing our trip, but I don’t think I was being heard.



The Happy Wanderers said...

Remember Dear Friends, that you may pass that way only once. Take time to see and experience things along the way, lest you get burned out on riding in the trucks. Still a long way to go.
Have fun!
E & M

Trent and Teresa said...

Yep, never a dull moment with Jesse around!!

Those fields that look like dandelions are probably canola crops.

It is a fine line trying to balance travel days and rest days isn't it.

I can see why the boys want to get to their destination though!!

Take care ... TnT

JB said...

We keep those dandelions out there just for visitors to marvel at. Strangely enough the dandelions were originally imported from Europe by the Hudson's Bay Company to supplement their employees diet. I guess, like the people from Europe, the country agreed with them. It is a little early for the canola crops in that part of the country to be in flower but in another month or so it will be yellow, yellow, yellow. As you go north I would say stop at Liard Hot Springs and enjoy the pools there, and once you get into the Yukon the territorial campgrounds are great, OK for large rigs although they don't have hookups, but they are scenic and quiet. Sure hope you have Dawson City on your itinerary it was a highlight of both of our Alaskan Adventures. And you are right slow down, if for no other reason you will soon catch up to winter if you go to fast.

WD0AJG said...

If the fields of yellow flowers look like farm fields, it would be more likely they are Canola... They raise a lot of Canola in Alberta. Actually to me looks more like a cabbage plant with tall, small yellow clover like flowers...