Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, May 29 - Mile “0” (Dawson Creek, Canada)


Today started with breakfast at Stuie’s Dinner. I the menu was very minimal, but to food was okay.

5-29 001

Bob drove so we stopped to get his truck washed. Jesse helped, and Bob kept getting him wet. It cost $9.00 to git-r-done. 

5-29 004

Then we headed to the Visitors Center, Museum and Art Gallery.

005 (2)5-29 0145-29 0135-29 008

In the Visitors Center there was a really helpful lady that gave us much information on the Alaska Hwy and places to see. Then we walked around the museum and the guys watched a film on how the Hwy was built.



5-29 026

While the guys were watching the film Janet and I walked over to the Art Museum. We were not impressed. Then we all headed to the Mile “0” post for pictures which is in the middle of an intersection.

5-29 035

5-29 0405-29 044

5-29 047

0225-29 052

5-29 056

I made an Alfredo Chicken Pasta Bake for dinner and Janet made the salad.

001 (2)

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Debbie Goode said...

I'm really enjoying traveling along with you on this trip...loving the photos and dinner menus! Giving me the old 'hitch itch' big time! Travel Safe!