Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday May 17 - Hot Springs, Wind Cave, and Custer (Custer, SD)


We decided to just walk around some shops in the areas today.

We left the park around 10:30am and drove to:

5-17 003

Hot Springs is a city in Fall River County, South Dakota about 30 minutes for Custer. Population 3,570. We didn’t find it all that interesting so we moved on and found ourselves at:

5-17 010

We heard from our friend Trent that this was interesting. We saw the film strip on the caves and prairie above.

5-17 014

When I asked about the tour and width of the caves I decided that I didn’t want to take the tour (Claustrophobic). I told the others to go, but they chose not to. We walked around the welcome center and then decided to get lunch.

We headed to Custer and decided on:

5-17 021

It was nothing special and not real filling so we walked over to Dairy Queen for desert.

Then we were stuffed so we walked around the town and I took some pictures of the buffalo statues that are on all the corners of the town.

5-17 0185-17 0225-17 023

5-17 020

We stopped and got the truck washed then headed home.

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owensontheroad said...

Hey Jesse & Ginger :)
Following your blog about your trip to Alaska. George (well really I) want to go up there someday in the next few years. Need to build up some cash first :)Nice that you met up with Phil & Rudee. We're working with them at Amazon this fall.

Trent and Teresa said...

We know what you mean about being apprehensive to go into the cave.

I don't really have claustrophobia, but they kept advising about it, until I was feeling uneasy myself.

In the end, it was not a factor, but I sure can sympathize.

We were expecting to see the four of you soaking away in the Hot Springs ... lol.