Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, May 27 - Grocery Store and Hanging Out (Jasper, Canada)


We were up early this morning. Bob and Jesse went into town to use the WiFi at Tim Horton’s again. Janet was still sleeping and I had quiet time reading. Jesse drove and fueled up the truck while in town.

When they returned the 4 of us went into town to go to the grocery store for a few supplies. Bob drove so he could fuel up.

Back home I made macaroni salad for dinner.

It rained most of the afternoon.

Then (we) I watched a movie while Jesse napped next to me.

Janet said Bob napped too.

We decided to grill burgers for dinner. Janet made baked beans and we had to eat in because of the rain.

Now Jesse and I are back at Tim Horton’s so I could get caught up on my mail and post this small blog.

Travel day tomorrow.

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