Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, May 15 - Custer, South Dakota


We left Nebraska at 9am as planned. We caravanned -  Bob following us, then we followed them with some pretty countryside's.


We saw a few buffalo off in the fields.


The 1st little town we came to was Hot Springs, which looked really cute and I thought worth a closer look.

Then we drove through Custer on our way to Custer Gulch RV Park.


We got set-up in our back-in FHU sites, got a bite to eat then took off exploring.



Our 1st stop was Mount Rushmore. It hadn’t changed since we were there in 2008, but I enjoyed seeing it through B&J eyes.



We saw the film strip about how the carving of the rocks took place and walked around the shops.

Then we headed to Custer State Park looking for wild life.



We found a few buffalo, but will search out for more in days to come.


By this time we were ready to go home and just relax, and we did just that.


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