Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, May 31 – Travel Day-Wildlife (Toad River, Canada)


We got lucky and it didn’t rain last night. But it did sprinkle about 2am this morning.

Jesse and I went for a walk around the campground last night. It sure got crowded about 15-20 rigs came in after us.

This is a way to RV and boat at the same time.

park 001

park 003park 004park 005park 006

A very friendly squirrel

park 007

We have been asked about the sunrise and sunset. It gets light about 3:15am and dark about 10:30pm.

We left this morning a little before 9am with us in the lead and saw a bear within the first 20 minutes.

I didn’t get pictures but I think Bob and Janet did.

Then just few more miles down the road we saw a mother bear and to baby cubs. We pulled over and got lots of pictures.


Then Momma became very interested in B&J’s rig. She walked all the way around it.


The cubs followed her, one crossed the street to the other side while the other wasn’t sure how to get around so it went under Bob’s truck and didn’t want to come out. Momma was getting upset with it trying to get it to follow her. It was like you could almost here her fussing with it to follow her.


Further down the road.


Then we stopped for the famous hot cinnamon buns at Tetas River Lodge that several friends told us about.Yummy!!!


The shop was very interesting.


We started to see snow capped mountains again and a frozen lake.


Our next sighting was Stone Sheep.


Then a caribou


We stopped around 12:40 at:


The whole ceiling in all the rooms are covered with hats.


View out our back window. Doesn’t get much better then this.

toad 001

toad 004

We gathered over in front of B&J’s rig to have a fish fry for dinner.

               The Cook                                  Potatoes                                    Catfish                                          Balls                    

dinner 010dinner 012dinner 015dinner 016

Everything was delicious!dinner 018

Jesse built us a campfire and we just sat looking at the water enjoying the fire. We have decided to stay another night just so we can do nothing but enjoy and relax.

dinner 025

dinner 032


Unknown said...

You guys are doing it up right! Take your time & enjoy, enjoy.

Trent and Teresa said...

That was a great encounter with the bears!!

Awesome scenery, once again..

Glad you can put the jacks down and relax for a bit.

Take care ... TnT

The Happy Wanderers said...

Happy, Happy, Happy
Hugs to all of you.
E & M

owensontheroad said...

Seeing those bears up close and personal was cool! Glad you got to get those pictures of them sniffing around B&J's rig :)

Tom and Marci said...

That was a very cool travel day! You guys look like you are having so much fun -- I'm jealous! :)