Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, May 25 - Scenic Loop, Wildlife and Banff (Canmore, Canada)


Since I couldn’t get the blog to post with the campground WiFi, I decided to do a part 1 and part 2. I got part 1 to post but not part 2. So we have driven to McDonald’s to post the whole thing. Wish me luck.

We were dressed and ready to go explore by 9am. Jesse drove and our 1st stop was to pay for another night at the campground. While the guys were in there they asked the girl where to go to see wildlife.

She showed them on a map about this 3 hour scenic loop through the Canadian Rockies.

I had said that I would like to go for breakfast so we went into the town to find someplace to eat.

We ended up going to a bagel place, it was ok but not what I had in mind when I asked to be taken to breakfast.


We couldn’t find a name for the scenic loop but it didn’t disappoint. We think part of it was on Smith Dorrien Spray Trail.




As we went higher we saw much more snow and the water was still frozen in many places.

The elevation was 1,900 meters – or 6,175 feet.


I know it was much more beautiful then the pictures are able to depict.

Wildlife we saw:

          Big Horn Sheep                            Ground squirrel                          Loon                                             Moose


                                                   Elk                               Cotton Tail Rabbit              Pikas (Similar to Prairie Dogs)         


We also saw mule deer, white tail deer, and some of us saw bear way off in the distance. (I was not one of them)

Around 2:00 we came back to the camper, had a bite of lunch then went into Banff National Park.


This is the same way we will be departing tomorrow so we just wanted to get a look at the road. It looks to be very good way to travel to Jasper National Park.

We drove through the town area which we will miss tomorrow. It was very busy.


I will leave you with some more pictures:






Trent and Teresa said...

Beautiful scenery!!

Yes, Banff is always crazy busy, because of the awesome views.

Hopefully you can try to stop at Moraine lake for an hour, it is one of the top attractions in the area.

It is a glacier fed lake that is turquoise and there is a short hike around part of it... nothing strenuous as all.

Take care ... hugs ... TnT

JB said...

The Icefields Parkway that you will be on as I write this is one of the most beautiful drives on the continent, if not the planet, on a clear day. The trail you were on yesterday had no real name, the gravel part is the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Lakes Trail and I assume you looped back up Highway 40 from the Kananaskis to the Trans Canada. No matter what you call it it is a pretty nice trip though.