Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, May 16 - Crazy Horse and Custer Animal Loop (Custer, SD)


Today was a good day. We decided to go see Crazy Horse Memorial which I really enjoy.

Just as we walked in the building we saw Phil and then his wife Rudee work camping. Jesse has communicated with Phil through their blog previously.

Jesse pics 025

We then went through the museum and gift shops.


You may know these people.


The rock

Jesse pics 016


Beautiful quilt


When we were ready to leave it was raining so Bob went to get the truck for us, what a guy! We went to Hill City for lunch and we all enjoyed our meal.

Then we headed to the Wild Life Loop of Custer State Park.

We saw buffalo, elk, mule deer, burro, antelope, big horn sheep, and prairie dogs.

034083Jesse pics 053

Jesse pics 050040Jesse pics 091

It was a fun day for sure.

HUGS to All!!!

Remember for a different perspective on todays events go to Bob and Janet’s blog

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Trent and Teresa said...

Teresa and I missed out on Crazy Horse, but we did see Wind Cave and Jewel Cave.

We loved them both, but if time is short, we would recommend Jewel.

Lots to see and do in that area!!