Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, May 14 - Our Adventure Begins (Sidney, NE)


Bob and Janet started out in Southern Iowa — at Waubonsie State Park.

Jesse and I will start out at Mountaindale in Colorado Springs, CO.


We arrived at 1:45PM in Sidney, Nebraska at Cabela’s RV Park, B&J came in about 30 minutes later.

We both got set-up and sat and visited for awhile then went over to Pizza Hut for some food.

Afterward we strolled through Cabala’s.

We were unable to set-up our satellite so we will not be DVR’s any shows tonight, so we made sure we were back in time to watch over the air.

We plan to watch TV and just relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Our plan is to leave at 9am.



Bob and Janet has started a blog of their own!!!!  The link.

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Trent and Teresa said...

I would love to go through the Cabela's store !!

I hope Ginger and Janet are going to do some fishing up north too, and show the boys how it's done !!

Man, would I LOVE to see the look on the guys faces if they were out-fished ... lol.

Take care ... TnT