Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, May 16 - Catching up (CS, CO)


Saturday I worked 9-1, it was not real busy but steady. I made us lunch and did some laundry. We went into Pueblo to meet Beth and the children at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed our meal and the company.

Jesse and I stopped at the furniture store on the way home to see what they had to offer. We are looking for chairs to replace the two recliners that came with out RV. We gave the sofa and chairs to Adam and Kim.


Sunday it rained all day!!!! We managed to go to Walmart for our supplies, otherwise we hibernated for the day. I made us baked garlic chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and sweet corn fritters. (Jackie gave me her recipe) Yummy!


Today I was on my way to Pueblo at 7:15am. The boys had an appointment with Kristy their groomer.

I dropped them off and headed to the dentist. The technician made some adjustments to my partial. I am very sore so I am not sure if I need more adjustments.

After the dentist I went by to see the guys I use to work with. We visited and got all up to date on what's been happening with them and us. 

When Kristy called to say the boys were ready I picked them up and headed home.

I had just enough time to get some lunch before going to work.

I was busy the whole time at work, which was GREAT! I had brought some books Jackie had lent me on South Africa, but I had no time to look at them.

After I returned home Jesse and I worked on getting our bird feeders out. The hummers were all over their feeder within minutes of putting it out.

I heated up the leftovers from yesterday for dinner.

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