Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, May 28 - Keeping up and Ice Cream Social (CS,CO)



Trying to keep-up with the blog is hard sometimes, especially while working.

Wednesday we both worked and the weather was gray.

Thursday was a beautiful day…bright and sunny, we both worked. We are enjoying the mountain air and our time here at Mountaindale, weather permitting we like sitting out after work in the evening and having a beverage.

Jesse is quite sure he found our leak. He drained the fresh water tank and the dripping/leak has stopped. Not sure yet what he is going to do to fix the leak, but I will keep you informed.

Friday was the unofficial start to the summer. The campground was booked full for the weekend. I came to work at 3:00pm and was busy the whole shift closing at 9PM. Jackie said they were busy all day also.

It’s nice to see the campground full of people having fun, campfires going and people walking around.

Today I opened the office at 7am and for the 1st hour I was all alone. Then people started to wake up, out about, walking dogs, children riding bikes and coming in the office for a look around.

I had forgotten to bring my yogurt so my husband was so kind as to bring it down to me. Of course the commute to the office is about a 2 minute walk, so it wasn’t taxing on him…still very sweet!

It was another beautiful warm sunny day!!!

When he got back to the rig he put in the new insulation and reinstalled the underbelly. He also put up our sun screen in our back window. We had it made for the Montana so it’s a little too wide for the Alpine window but he made it work.

He ordered a vent cover for the bathroom vent. It came the other day so he install it today. We are still awaiting the delivery of the covers for the two Fantastic Fan covers.

When I got home I made us a sandwich for lunch and we drove into the Springs so I could get my nails done. While was busy Jesse ran over to Home Depot for a few items. He bought some solar outdoor lights to put out around our site..can’t wait for it to get dark so I can see how they look.

We grilled chicken and sat outside to eat ….. I really enjoy eating outside.

Tonight was the 1st Ice Cream Social of the year. They have one every Saturday night.

                                                         The artist at work                              Final project



After we had our ice cream and visited with other campers we came home and Jesse built a fire.

We sat outside until it was just too chilly to sit outside.


It was a good day and look forward to many more.

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Speedy said...

Gosh it sound nice up there. I wish we had the time to come and see you two. We love Colorado but still have to stay here for a while longer.