Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, May 9 - Another Day (CS, CO)

Let me start with yesterday … Mother’s Day

It was a fun filled day for me.

It was a beautiful morning so Jesse and I sat outside and had our coffee. Gage was still asleep and we left him there until we saw the deer. He wanted to see deer up close so I woke him he put on his shoes and went with his Grampy.



The deer moved when they got close. After he went in and dressed there was another deer that he tried to get close to.


Jesse and I made waffles for breakfast.

Gage wanted to play WII so Jesse set it up, he did very good on the driving game.


Adam and Kim came to collect Gage. They brought me hugs and kisses and this beautiful plant for Mother’s day.


After they left we had a relaxing few hours. At 4pm we were invited to Jackie and Tony’s for happy hour and dinner. We had a very nice evening talking and laughing with these wonderful friends.

They made a delicious dinner of South African sausage (boerewors), chicken, and steak on the grill (braai). As side dishes Jackie made vegetables cooked with smoked turkey and sweet corn fritters. The two South African dishes boerewors and corn fritters were the best.


While we were sitting outside the deer came to visit and get a drink of water.


When it became to cool to sit outside we went inside and Gucci wanted our attention, so she brought out her toys…SO CUTE !!


We had a very nice time ----Thanks Tony and Jackie!!

After we returned home we watched our shows on TV before going off to bed.

Today I worked 9-1, it was pretty slow.

I came home had lunch then I drove to Jo-Ann Fabric to get my yardage for the curtains I am making for the RV.

Jesse was relaxing when I got home. I made us some dinner, he cleaned up and we relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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