Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, May 2 – Another Work Day (CS,CO)


We got up this morning to bright sunshine and 28 degrees. Sure is a good thing Jesse unhooked the water or we would not have been able to take our showers this morning.

Jesse went off as did Tony at 9am to continue to clear brush. Jesse is on the left Tony on the right.

I also saw Jackie walking to work this morning, I work the afternoon shift going in at 1PM.

Jesse came back around 11am to inform I need not go in until 1:30, so that gave me more time to try and catch up on Hulu the shows I missed last night due to the last breaking news of the death of Bin Laden.

He came home for lunch around 12:15 and I made him a sandwich and we shared an orange.

I went into work at 1:30 and worked till 5:45. I answered the phone and took a few reservations and answered some email inquires.

UPS brought our new toilet while I was working so I called Jesse and he came and got it from the office and installed it. YEA!

When I got home we had a cocktail, then I warmed leftovers for dinner, spaghetti for Jesse and Texas Road House for me.

We watched TV and relaxed for the evening.

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