Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, May 21 - Phone Booster (CS,CO)


Friday I worked 9-5, Mary Nell was with me for most of the day. We were 3/4 full for the weekend, so it stayed steady, but not busy, busy.

We had a steady stream of visitors, employees and guests. I think we were only alone for about 45 minutes all day.

Jesse was already home when I got there. He had showered, walked and fed the boys. I just needed to feed us. We had burgers and hot dogs with pasta salad, simple and easy.

We do not get phone service here at the campground. We talked about getting a land line installed and I was going to check into it.

Then Jesse got an email from the 3G store. It informed him about  “Wilson Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster”. With an adapter for our outside Wilson Trucker antenna, shipping and handling it total at $101.70.




We have not used the adapter yet just plugged it in to a USB port on our computers and set the antenna up, set the phone in and     TA-DAA !! we had a signal.

We called our son Adam in Pueblo and Sondra in Maryland and it was clear and sounded normal.

It is a little cumbersome, big to hold, but not bad at all.

On Saturday I opened the office and worked until 1pm. When I got off Jesse and I went to Panera Bread for lunch and then on to Target. We browsed around the store, picked up a few things then headed back home. We took the boys for a nice long walk around the campground.

We met Jean of Ken and Jean. They are friends of Ed and Marilyn and I am sure we will see more of them as they are staying on site for a while.

Back at the Kram-a-lot we sat outside and soaked up the clean mountain air until it got too cool to sit without a jacket.

Inside we computered and watched a few movies on TV.

Many guest and employees have said they have seen a fox around well tonight we finally saw it, just sitting in the bushes and I got proof:




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