Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, April 30 – Bright Sunshine! Dinner with Friends!! (CS,CO)


We expected to wake up to wet and cold, but were very pleased to find the sun out bright. The storms that were suppose to arrive last night are now predicted to arrive tonight. I wish they would just stay away!

I did some laundry and changed to sheets, got a shower, while Jesse was working on his computer skills. Afterward he worked on his water filter project. Still not completed, he may have stripped the holder thingy and may need to start over.

I walked over to Jackie’s to see how she did at WW this morning and she did very good and was all smiles.

Keith was trying to connect a satellite dish for them so they could have TV. We sat on their patio and visited and made plans to go into the Springs for dinner together.

We left them to have their lunch while I came home and warmed the leftover from dinner last night for our lunch.

I wrote the blog from yesterday, continued to do laundry while Jesse took a nap.

At 4:30 we all piled into their Honda for the trip to the Springs.

Our choice for dinner was decided to be Texas Roadhouse. Jesse and I suggested Jorges for Mexican, but Jackie said they went to go there the other day and it was closed for remodeling.

We had a very nice dinner and the conversation was non stop.



By the time we got home it had really started to get colder. Jesse took the boys for a short walk and we then watched some movie on TV.

When it was time to go off to bed, Jesse took the boys for their final walk for the day and it was snowing!!!

I cleaned them off and dried then when they returned and Jesse went back out to disconnect the water for the night.

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