Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, May 5 - Dinner with Friends (CS,CO)


Jesse went to work at 8:30. He and Tony are still painting the storage sheds that are in the campground. I must say they are doing a good job because they look great!

I messed around the house did some laundry, colored my hair and got a shower and was ready for work by noon when Jesse came home for lunch.

I made us some lunch we sat and visited while we ate. At 1pm we both went off to work.

Jesse got off at 4pm, came home got a shower, fed and walked the boys. I got off at 5pm.

I freshen up and we were off to Colorado Springs to meet Chuck and Kathy.

We met them for the fist time in Livingston Texas while we both were getting our rigs registered. We started a conversation and we told them we were going to RV-Dreams rally and gave them the web address.

To our surprise they looked it up and attended the rally and became part of the RV-Dreams family.

We hadn’t seen them since we were in Kerrville, TX so we were happy we were able to share some time together.

We met them at a Chinese restaurant that they recommend. We shared a family style meal for 4 and had way too much food.

The conversation was moving along and before long it was time to leave. We followed them to there place which was just a few minutes away and visited more.

Thanks Kathy and Chuck for a nice evening! Safe travels and hugs to you both.

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Chuck-Kathy said...

Great seeing you guys again, surprising how often paths cross with full timers. Just part of this great life we are part of, and how quickly we are up to date with each others lives thanks to our blogs.