Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, February 12 – Send a note to say HELLO


Today is starting cold 43 degrees, but the sun is shinning bright! Jesse walked with Heinz, Gilbert and Carl this morning wearing gloves, hat and scarf.

I was just chatting with Greg on Facebook and he said his neighbor Kathy, who reads our blog, was surprised to his picture on our blog.

girls hugging

It seems strange that there are people out there reading what we do, but we have no idea who they are.

Send us a message to just say hello, who you are, and where you are from.

We would love to hear from you!!

After getting showers and clean clothes on Jesse and I headed off to the outlet stores. We browsed the stores and both ended up buying a new pair of Croc’s. I also found a pair of black dress shoes.

After returning home we fed the boys and I made us some leftover for dinner.

We plan to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics winter games tonight and just sit back and relax.


smdrm said...

I'm Selene from Fuquay Varina, NC.
My husband and I started our RV experience 2 years ago and now have a 28 ft. fifth wheel. We are on the road as much as we can, although we're not fulltimers. I enjoy your posts very much and wish you many more safe, exciting miles under your wheels.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse & Ginger
I follow your blog. My husband and I still work fulltime. We own an Allegro Bus and are in a camping club. We live in Madison, Mississippi. Believe it or not,we had 4 inches of snow here today.
We have a little Silkie Terrier dog. I enjoy your blog.

Cheshire Cats said...

We're Mike & Carole from the UK and we are just starting our RV adventures in the USA. Our plan is to travel for 3 months at a time with trips home in between. I've been enjoying reading about your travels for a while, wishing you lots of fun and safe travel

Jim said...

Ginger & Jesse,

hi there, Jim P here and I found your blog back in early 2008 through H&L, when I was preparing to retire & go fulltiming. It's stayed on my auto update list ever since. I enjoy reading the different fulltiming perspectives from you and others. thank you for sharing.

Bob and Vicky said...

Bob from MN here but spending the winter in Mission, TX. Really enjoy reading about your travels, the friends you meet, and all your experiences. We just got our blog set up 'Cedar Creekin' - hope we can meet some day soon.

Betsy said...

Hello from Texas, we are a retired couple and have a 35' travel trailer and Dodge Diesel truck. We enjoy traveling, tho not full time, and camping. We enjoy reading your blog, and keep up with lots more people, Ed & Marilyn, Howard & Linda, the Bayfield Bunch, and many more.
Love to hear of your life on the road, keep it up.
Betsy & Boyce

Anonymous said...

Hello from Minnesota, I read your blog and many others and plan someday in time to live and travel in our Dutch star. My story so far can be read on

Thanks! Margaret

Patsy said...

I'm Pat from Salem, VA and I am one of those people you don't know following your blog. My husband and I have a 2007 Suncruiser and love traveling but we are still working. We did take a month off in 2007 and drove across country to Grand Canyon. Best trip ever!We would love to travel more but work doesn't allow it so for now long weekends and a couple of week long trips a year.
I really enjoy your blog, love to hear of the places you visit. I read several travel blogs and check for updates daily, wistfully wishing we were on the road also!

Debbie said...

Hello! I've been lurking for a long time reading your blogs and those of about 100 others. My dream is to be able to "most-time" some day. My hubby will never give up his shop to "full-time" but for now we just get away as often as possible. Unfortunately w**k keeps getting in the way! I so enjoy living vicariously through all the wonderful bloggers! Thanks for doing it.

Anonymous said...

I truly appreciate people like you two who will post your experiences for those of us who can't live your way of life can enjoy it through you! I would love to full-time. I'm old and widowed and too afraid to try it on my own! ha