Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday February 15 – Travel to Houston


We were up early this morning as we travel today. We both do not sleep very well the night before we travel. I guess the anticipation of our trip goes through our minds and we just don’t rest very well.

So, at 5:30am we were up and getting ready. After we have been stationary for awhile, 90 days, we try to check and double check to make sure we don’t forget something.

I made some coffee for us to share, but we didn’t sit with our computers this morning we got started with our tear down procedures. I also toasted some homemade raisin bread for breakfast and we stopped long enough to eat that.

It was cold 43 degrees and windy this morning, but Jesse did an excellent job of getting us hooked up and I prepared the inside for travel.

The guys stopped by Heinz, Gilbert and Carl on their way to walk to say goodbye and I got hugs from them all!

Roger also stopped by to say “See ya down the road”. I saw Joyce yesterday..We are very glad we got to know the two of them and look forward to seeing them again.

It was a little after 7am and we were ready to leave, but surprised that Ed had not come by to say goodbye. So we walked down to their site and we could see them inside in their recliners. We knocked and were invited in if we dare, but we went in. Jesse kept his gloves up at his face and said “see ya later” from afar.

I have had cold symptoms for two days now so I figured they couldn’t do any harm so I got hugs from both of them. Ed was now not felling up to par either.

As we walked back to our home on wheels a few tears were coming out of my eyes. We will miss these good people who we have became very close to. Love you guys!

It was 7:30am when we pulled out of our site. We drove 362 miles and arrived at Palms RV Park in Dickinson, TX at 3:00pm. It was a very pleasant travel day. It seemed to be a nice place the lady that checked us in was very nice and informative about the area.

We never stopped for lunch today. Ed and Marilyn gave us a goodie bag of crackers, raisins, nuts and chips. We snacked on that for lunch and a soda we purchased while getting fuel.

After getting set-up we got Hazel (GPS) to direct us to a Subway for some sandwiches to bring back and have for dinner. We got comfy and got our chips and enjoyed our dinner. We both just relaxed in front of the TV for the evening. I was off to bed earlier then usual and hoped for a good night sleep.


The Happy Wanderers said...

We love you guys, too! Missing you already!
Travel safe and have a good time!
E & M

squawmama said...

It is always sad leaving our friends as we travel.... But look at it this way your onto a new adventure... Where are you going in Florida? That is our home state and this is the first year we didn't go home for winter... I am kinda sorry about that...Have fun & travel safe!

Bob and Vicky said...

Glad you had a safe journey back north the first day. Hope the weather turns "springy" for you guys as you head back north so early. Maybe we will meet along the way somewhere - safe travels.

Bob & Vicky

Unknown said...

Glad you arrived safely and hope you don't run into the snow man lurking along the way! I'm still looking for that cabinet for the end of the counter!

Lynda and Bob