Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, February 7 – Cocktails and Super Bowl


Today started with me doing laundry. It seems I am always doing laundry, but my washer is small and I can only do a few items at a time. I was able to hang out the clean laundry which allows me to get more done in a day. The most time consuming part is the drying.

I also started S’more brownies (a recipe I got from Ellie)


They look a lot better then they were, the brownie was dry (fat free brownie mix). I will try them again because they are only 1 point. (8x8 cut into 12 pieces)  I took some to Joyce and Roger and Cathy and Elgin B4 we tasted them…Sorry guys they were dry, so if you didn’t like them I understand.

We were invited over to Joyce and Rogers’ for cocktails, along with Carl and Linda, and Cathy and Elgin. Joyce had out a whole spread of food and everything was good.

The weather today was warm about 75 partly sunny, but very windy, so it became a challenge to keep the food on the table and on your plate. We enjoyed time with friends and that was the best part anyway.

It broke up around 5 and we all hurried back to our homes to watch the Super Bowl. Well some of us watched the game, I was not one.


I continued to make dinner. I made the sauce before we left, so I only needed to pound the chicken and cook the pasta. Chicken parmesan and whole wheat penne pasta. Not traditional Super Bowl food but good anyway.

I cleaned up the dishes while Jesse watched the game and then I played on the computer.

Jesse was pleased with the outcome of the game, he said “no way was he rooting for the Colts”!

We talked with our family back in Maryland and Pennsylvania to make sure that everyone was well. The got between 32-36 inches of snow on Friday and Saturday. They are now in the process of digging out. Stay safe back there! 


HUGS to everyone!


squawmama said...

It was a good Super bowl Sunday... Glad you were able to have fun with friends. At first I thought YUM on the brownies but with you saying they are dry I am going to try them with regular brownie mix... Have a fun filled day & travel safe!

Speedy said...

Who Dat? Go Saints! Miss you guys...We should have snow here Thursday

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Ginger, I promise Ellie's recipe tastes great. Hope you and Jesse are doing good.

Safe Travels,
Rollie & Gina