Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, February 5 – Wife Swapping Dinner Party


We were invited next door to Cathy and Elgin’s for cocktails and dinner. I was suppose to bring a salad for 8.

It was a sort of farewell because Cathy and Elgin will be leaving on February 11th for a 4 day cruise to Cozumel  and will not return until the afternoon of the 15th. We will leave on the morning of the 15th.

Anyway there were eight of us Joyce, Elgin, Carl, Roger, Jesse, Cathy and Linda.

IMG_1487 We sat talking and laughing just enjoying the beautiful evening. This is the first nice day we have had all week. Our temperatures were 75 and sunny all day.

Talking about the day we spent it lounging around. I went to the grocery store for a few items I needed, did laundry and straighten up our home.  I also made potato salad for tomorrow’s luncheon.

Boy now that I think about it we should have done more today. It was such a nice day!

Okay – About 5:30 Cathy asked Elgin to put the steaks on the grill.

IMG_1489 IMG_1488

Now here is where the swapping come to play.

She had two tables set up and we were asked not to sit with our spouses. It was a GREAT idea because we were able to get to know our friends a little bit better.

Our table with Carl, Elgin, Me and Joyce

IMG_1491 The other table with Roger, Linda, Jesse and Cathy.

IMG_1490 On the menu were the steaks, vegetables, risotto, salad, and bread. Now most of you know I do not eat red meat, but I tried a small piece of the filet and found it to be very tasty.

I stopped eating red meat about 25 years ago because of high blood pressure. They said it would help to keep it down (they no longer believe that). But after so long I just lost a taste for steak, I never liked ground meat. I have slowly been trying to acquire a taste for it again.

My steak tasted so good that I went back for the other part of my piece, but it was gone.

Joyce made carrot cake for dessert. Yummy.

It was dark when we broke up and went to our respective homes. We watched TV until I was ready for bed. Jesse had been napping since we returned home, he had quite a bit of wine this evening and he was feeling good.

It was a very nice evening and dinner…Thank you Cathy and Elgin!!

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