Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, February 10 – Girl’s day out

Today Joyce, Cathy and I went to the mall in McAllen. We wanted to get manicures and Cathy also got a pedicure. She and Elgin are leaving in the morning for a 4 day trip to Cozumel and her toes also needed to look good.

Anyway after Cathy returned her Panini maker to Penney's, we headed straight for the nail place.

We walked the mall stopping at a few stores then we saw a kiosk where they use string to pluck the hair on your face. Both Cathy and I tried it. I got my eyebrows and lip done. It hurts a lot more then waxing does, so I don’t think I will have it done again. After I got home I also saw how much they missed. Now I am sure I won’t have it done again.

We stopped at the food court for lunch at Chick-fil-A. We enjoyed our meals, conversation and rest before moving on to Dillard's.

When we left Dillard’s we headed back to the truck. We wanted to go Bed Bath and Beyond to look at their Panini makers. They had a few but not what we were looking for. I think we spent more time there then we did the mall. Both Cathy and Joyce found something to purchase that they couldn’t live without. LOL ….Me you ask? Nothing, in fact I didn’t buy anything all day to bring home.

Tuesday we had our carpets cleaned by Quality Carpet Care. I got the number from seeing a truck here in the park. They cleaned them for $39.95

IMG_1499 IMG_1501 IMG_1502

There were two guys that showed up right at the scheduled time. Rick the one in charge was very friendly and they did a good job. It took a very long time to dry. I suggest if you are having this done do it on a warn sunny day so you can open windows and be prepared to go out for a few hours after they are done.

We just sat around watching TV and computering. Jesse was getting a little bored so he tried to entertain himself and the boys by letting them try on his hat. CUTE!

Also on Tuesday the “Pie Lady” aka Joyce brought over the pie she promised Jesse. It was a warm cherry pie. She even brought over a Dixie cup of vanilla ice cream to go with it. Jesse shared with me and it was delicious. She makes the best pie crust I have ever tasted.

Tomorrow we will pick Ed and Marilyn up at the airport. I am looking forward to seeing them again. We will only have a few days to spend with them before we head out on Monday.

We will treasure our time with all our friend here in the Valley, but we are looking forward to moving on down the road.

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squawmama said...

I have heard of that process but I think I'll stick with waxing... fast and only hurts for a while...LOL LOL Sounds like a great day of shopping & girlie fun! Have a great day & travel safe.