Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, February 2 – Smoke filled Bar


I can’t believe it’s February already. We leave on the 15th and we will have been here 3 months. We are going to miss everyone here, but are anxious to journey on down the road.

Today started as usual, coffee while computering and reading. I did some laundry and got caught up on “Days of Our Lives”.

The boys and their Daddy were very relaxed in the afternoon as you can see.

IMG_1481 The gang decided to go to a new bar here in Mercedes called Paradise Bar and Grill. They had a duet called Twelve String Tim and Sharon. We planned to have a few drinks, some dinner and listen to the music.

Well the smoke was very thick, so it was decided to have one drink and get outta there.

This was Marilyn answer to inhaling second had smoke. Not a very good look for her, but okay for a walrus.


We all decided to go to Fat Daddy’s for drinks and food. We all had a good meal and good company.

We were home a little after six. We watched our shows and had to record some shows to watch on another day.


HUGS to all


squawmama said...

I hate smoke filled restaurants... Love the no-smoking policies that most states are adapting! Have fun & travel safe!

Doug & JoAnn said...

Where are you heading for on the 15th? We'll probably still be in the Rockport area for a couple days after that, so if you come this way, be sure to let us know.
Hugs, JoAnn