Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday June 13th - Day 3 of Rally

Today was another day of Rally which started at 7:30am with coffee and donut. They were provided by Good Will Ambassadors from Camping World. Again Jesse went ahead I stayed behind and took my time getting ready for the day.

First Class was RV Weight Safety from Weight-It, Jesse said it was interesting, but it was some what of a refresher course, as he had learned a lot of it when he drove over the road with Coors Transportation, when we lived in Kansas.

Second Class was from Geeks On Tour. Jim and Chris told the options for internet connection service. They had lots of information to share with everyone.

Third Class was from Linda on the emotional aspects of leaving home, family friends and community. For me this is a no brainier. I am not attached to our house or our community. We do not really have friends in Pueblo, so the only attachment is the children and grandchildren. Even though that is a big one and we will miss them very much, this life style will allow us to be home in Maryland and in Colorado as much as we want. So we will be able to travel and visit family and friends all over the USA.

Fourth and final class for today was on suspension from Gary Wheeler.
Jesse attended this, but I went back home to start preparing the food for our potluck dinner tonight.

I made pork bar-b-q, macaroni and cheese and I baked a pineapple upside down cake.

When Jesse returned from class I made him some lunch and continued to prepare my dishes. While I was cleaning up the dishes there was a knock at the door and it was Molly.

She wanted Jesse to come by the motor home to see if he thought they could pull up their carpet and have laminate floor installed. She waited until I was done with the dishes, because I wanted to see their rig also.

It rained off and on all day today (mostly on). We walked to their rig and were visiting with Bob & Molly. They are really good people and we know we have made new friends. Then Barb and Roger came by and before long Chuck and Kathy were there. We were having our own mini rally in their rig.

It had begun to rain really hard and we were waiting for a break in the rain, as I still needed to bake my cake. We had to make a run for it and got pretty wet.

At dinner there was soooo much food and everything was really good. Then it was Karaoke and talent show time. We had a wonderful time.

We went home walked the boys and on to bed.

See you down the road.

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Bob and Molly said...

Hi G&J!!
We had such fun with you guys...thanks for truly "chatting" with us and sharing fun and games!! We'll see you down the road soon, I'm sure!
Hugs to both of you and the furry "B's"!