Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday June 7th - Travel and Fun Day

Today was a very long but fun day. We were up earlier then usual; I guess we just wanted to get started. We left the park at 6:50am, got fuel and we were on our way to Branson. We drove 318 miles and got 12.07 mpg.

We finally figured out how to use Miss English (our GPS) correctly. So along with our map quest directions we arrived without incident to ABC Campground at 1:30pm.

When we arrived we saw and waved to Linda who was visiting with Ellie and Jim outside the Castle. We proceed to get everything set up. Just as we were going finishing up and getting ready to shower there was a knock at the door.

It was Chuck, the guy we meet in Livingston. Kathy his wife and I had communicated through email because they were also going to be in Branson and I had given her the link to RV-Dreams Journal. Much to my surprise they contacted Linda and are participating in the Rally.

Then another knock – Ellie came to welcome us, another knock – Linda also came to welcome us – and another – Jim was also here, and last but not least, you guessed it another knock – Howard was here. Howard was the only one I didn’t mine hugging. He was as sweaty as I was because he had been playing one on one basketball with Ed Dray.

We all visited for a short while and they gave us the plan for dinner tonight and they left so we could get showered.

Today was Howard and Linda's wedding anniversary.


We were all meeting at 4:30 at their rig and going to the Landing an outdoor shopping mall area (for those in Baltimore it’s much like the Avenue at White Marsh only bigger) to have dinner at White River Fish House.
There were 17 of us; we all carpooled the 5-10 minutes to the Landing. We parked as far away from the restaurant as possible (not intentional) and after making our way to the restaurant and some confusion we were seated within 5 minutes.
Our new friends Chuck and Kathy

In the background you can see the back of Jesse's, head. Ed and Marilyn - Linda Payne standing - Bob and Lynda - and the backs of Carl & Linda. (Lots of Linda)

I think we all enjoyed our meal and the company was unsurpassed. When we finished dinner we went to see the water, light and fire show at the mall.

Part of our gang

Then most of the women were off to Bath and Body Works. After the shopping was done 6 of us (Howard & Linda, Jim & Ellie, and Jesse and I) decided to go to a club to listen to the “Dueling Pianos”.

It was something I had never seen before and I expected these two musicians to have a contest of sorts. That was not the case. People request songs and they play and sing, mostly they each do their own thing but they did some songs together. It was entertaining.

Once we were home we walked the boys and relaxed in front of the TV for just a short while then off to bed.

I the words of a fellow RV’er “can’t wait to see what this day has in store”.

See you down the road.

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