Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday June 15 - Fathers Day - Last Day of Rally

Happy Fathers Day!!

Today was the last gathering of the 1st RV-Dreams Rally. Many of the participants are leaving today and check out is 11:00am therefore breakfast was from 7-9am.

It was such fun getting to know all our new friends and sad to so goodbye. There were lots of hugs and handshakes and a few tears. Jesse and I look forward to see you all again soon.

When we returned to the rig we did our laundry and relaxed for a while. When we were getting hungry we decided to go to Lamberts, it was about 35 minutes away. I called ahead to see if they were open. They were open alright and were on a 1 ½ hour waiting list and you had to be there to put your name on it.

Jesse changed his mind and we went to a Mexican restaurant that Ed & Marilyn had recommended to us. It was very nice and we shared an appetizer that was ginormous. It had steak, shrimp, chicken quesadilla’s, 2 tacos and some guacamole. Jesse and I both decided to taste the guacamole and we liked it. We both thought we didn’t. Anyway it was all very good. For dessert Jesse had creeps and I had flan.

After dinner we went to the new Super Wal*Mart for a few grocery items then home. We relaxed some more until around 8pm when we went over to the big top and watched video that the Geeks had put together of the activities from the past few days. Thanks Chris and Jim !!

We had more hugs and handshakes to say goodbye to our friends. Then home again.

It was a great time and we both are sooooo glad that we came.

Here are a few of the pictures we have taken:

See you down the road.

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