Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday June 28 - Lazy Day

We woke up to temps in the Kram-a-lot at 60 degrees; love these mornings!

We tossed around the agenda for today and I won. We did nothing. We sat around all day. I made breakfast, dinner, and the bed. We walked the boys several times, but other then that we were lazy.
We watched our family play Double Dominos via a live video feed from Mitchs computer. We use to meet once a month to play when we lived in Maryland (our home). It was fun to be able to share the time with them, but it only made me more home sick.
I want to see them and get hugs.

It was a great day to just relax. I got caught up on reading blogs and was able to find time to play some games.

I thought I would share a few more pictures

In front of Maryland stone 7th state amitted to the Union in 1788

A woodpecker pecking away at the tree

The way Gutzon made the eyes look real in very interesting. I am not sure I can explain, but he carved a rectangular piece of rock protruding from the eye cavity and depending on how the light shines on them, they look like they are looking at you.
That's all for today
See you down the road

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