Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday June 25th- Marilyn's Day and Travel

Happy Birthday Marilyn!!!!

It seems that it is always someone in the family’s birthday, but if you think of it this way:
Jesse has 4 siblings and I have 3. Between them we have 7 Nieces and 8 Nephews and one Nephew is getting married next year. We have 8 Great Nieces and 3 Great Nephews. We have 2 Children and 5 Grandchildren. That’s a lot of birthdays.

Today we were up really early 4:30am. With the time changing yesterday back to Mountain Time, I guess we need to adjust our internal time clocks.

We had a cup of coffee and then took advantage and pulled out of McGreer Park in Big Springs, NE at 6:40am. We had not unhooked the truck so it was a quick and easy departure. It was a cool morning at 66 degrees so we traveled with the windows down and the fresh air flowing in. As the morning wore on the high temperatures got to about 77 degrees.

We drove on I-80W to US-385N. The terrain was not lush like it had been; we saw lots and lots of wheat fields, very few trees.

We arrived at Heartland Campground in South Dakota at 12 noon traveling 260 miles today. We will be here for two weeks before heading back to Pueblo. :~( It is your typical campground park, certainly no “it factor” but it’s a PA park and the cost is $128.50 per week.

First thing I did was clean inside from top to bottom, and then got everything set up. We both took showers and drove about a mile down the road to purchase a pizza and brought it back home.

Once we were done we decided to go ahead and get the laundry done. Thunder storms were moving in and we were hoping to finish before they started, but it was not meant to be. It started thundering and lighting with small hail and lots of rain. We were in the laundry room and the boys were home alone. Bayer and Buddy get upset from the thunder. We did have enough foresight to bring the truck with us, so we took a run for it. We left the clothes in the truck for the night.

We were tired, but not yet ready for bed, so we relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched a little TV.

Can’t wait to explore the area.

Here are the pictures I promised of the condo trailers.

This has 5 units in it and Jesse pointed out that the AC units were on top.

Note: AC units in the windows and satelite out front.

400 foot water slide with the beach area to the right
(This would be a nice place for a family vacation)

The lake and pier

Last one

See you down the road.

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