Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday June 8 - Relaxing and Visiting

Today was a very nice hot day of sitting around getting to know all our new RV friends.

It started as most do walking the boys, then coffee. I wrote the journal and prepared macaroni and cheese for our group lunch today.

I caught a picture of Ellie and Jim in front of the Castle enjoying the morning.
I wonder is she reading or writing.

Mid morning we went over to the Castle where people started to gather. That is where we were for the rest of the day. Everyone sharing their stories about how, and why, they started fulltiming, or when they will begin there adventure.

It was a lot of fun just relaxing and sharing. It almost made you forget how hot it was. But for most of the day there was a breeze, so if you were in the shade it was bearable.

Around noon Ellie and Jim hosted a group lunch for anyone that wanted to attend. She had made potato salad and beans. (The beans were very good, similar to a 3 beans salad but much better. I want that recipe! Please :~) Jim was grilling Brats; I made mac & cheese, while others brought chips, vegetable tray and fruit. Thanks Ellie & Jim for hosting and cooking. Everything was very good and great fun.

Jesse just hanging out

As new people arrived and got their rigs set up they would come over to sit and visit.

Mid afternoon Linda decided to do an impromptu tee shirt braiding class. Those ladies that wanted to learn were instructed on what supplies they needed and we gathered in the game room. (Linda had taught me how to do this last year when we were camping at Woodland Park, CO).

When I came out Jesse was playing horseshoes with some of the other guys. I went to get the boys for a walk. When I got back Jesse had finished his game and we all went back to our rig.

I made the boys there dinner and made some tuna salad for our dinner. We showered and then ate a sandwich. By this time it was 7:00. Again where did the day go?

We walked the boys again and all 5 of us went back to visit and meet the new arrivals.
After awhile we decided to retire for the evening, said goodnight see ya tomorrow. We couldn't believe when we got back to our home on wheels that it was 10pm.

It wasn’t long before we were in bed for the night.

See you down the road

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