Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday June 2, 2008 - Getting Registered-Visiting

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday. We hung out here at home most of the day. Finally about 3pm we were showered and dress for a run to town. We decided to try a restaurant in town called Shrimp Boat Manny’s. Jesse got a combo of fried shrimp, chicken strips and French fries and liked his; I got fried shrimp and I thought it was just OK but reasonable at $30.00 with tip.

Then we shopped for the items we needed at Wal*Mart; then we went back home. We decided to go to the ice cream social at the club house. For 75 cents each you received a dish of ice cream and they had many different toppings. We were surprised that most attendees ate their snack and then left, not much socializing was done. We looked around the video and book library then back home for a quite evening.

Today was much busier. We were up and packed up by 8am and off to get weighed and inspected. We went to a place right outside of the park called the Red Barn. No waiting. The cost per vehicle was $10.00; we weighted a total of 22,520 and the 5er weighted 14,360. More then Jesse expected.

Then we were on our way to The RV Shack to be inspected. They were not very customer service friendly especially if you have dogs. You have to get out of your RV and truck in the front so they can pull it around back. They have no place to sit inside or outside and wait; they do not want you to be on the sides or back of the building. They have a dog on the inside running free so going in didn’t seem like an option.

The building is right on the frontage road with vehicles zipping by and it is sunny with no shade except on the sides, that is where we waited most of the 30 minutes we were there. We wandered toward the back of the building and were asked to move from that area.

We met a very nice couple Kathy and Chuck; they were next in line after us. They also have a Montana, but a 2008 model. They started fulltiming recently from California. They planned to stay through Wednesday just like us, but say if they get everything registered and licensed today they are leaving in the morning. They do not like the weather. Chuck is retired Air Force, so they are heading to Shreveport, LA. They are on there way to Brandon, so I gave them a card and may meet up with them while we are there. We wish them happy travels, nice people.

Once we paid our $31.00 and received our inspection tickets, we headed back to our site. I cleaned before setting things up inside. We both had a bowl of cereal and sat for 5 minutes. Then Jesse walked the boys while I washed my face and changed my shirt.

Off to the County Tax Office. When we got there our new friends Kathy and Chuck were already there filling out their paper work. We were directed to Benny Gonzales. He was very nice and saved us sooooo much time, because he filled out our paper work. Thanks Benny!! He knew just which parts to fill out and we just needed to give him our paper work.

We find out while there that we didn’t need to get weighted. Just bring a brochure for your RV/Motorhome and they make a copy and use the weight on that. Also you must know the lien holders address and date the lien started. I was able to get on the phone to get that information on our RV. (Kathy and Chuck had to go back to their RV to get more information) Anyway after our time of 1 hour 15 minutes and paid $442.29 we had our tags for the truck and RV. (Kathy and Chuck were back and at another window)

That makes a total of $493.29 and about 4 hours, counting breaking down and set up. (not cleaning time) It cost us $1,230.57 last July to register the truck and RV in Colorado.

Here are a couple of more pictures from the park.

This one has cute totem pole like statues to the entrance of their place.

I think the colors are really pretty on this Motorhome and auto, they are color coordinated.

After our busy day we were back home showered and dressed to go out to meet a friend for dinner. Terri lives in Texas City which is 2 hours from Livingston, so we met in Dayton in the middle. We knew Terri from Baltimore I hired her as my assistant and we became friends. She has moved around over the last 10 years, but settled here in Texas, her home state. We had a good Mexican dinner and got caught up on her family and ours. It was really good to spend some time with her.

Once we were back home, we walked the boys, and relaxed. Jesse was in front of the TV I went into the chat room for a while, and then got caught up on a few blogs. We watched some HGTV then off to bed.
Tomorrow Jesse will get his drivers license.
See you down the road.

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