Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, June 5 - Travel Day

Wouldn’t know it rained last night. Not a lot just a light shower, but enough to make everything wet and mess up all of Jesse hard work washing the vehicles.

Today was an uneventful travel day, not much to write home about. We were up at the usual time 6am. It’s like an alarm clock only we don’t set one. I made coffee we and we walked the boys.

For most of the breakdown there was a light drizzle just enough to be annoying.

They have a free air station here so we pulled around to it so Jesse could make sure we were at the correct pressure instead of using out compressor.

Then we went to the office. When we arrived I forgot to mention that in addition to the $75.00 per week you have to pay for electric. You read the meter when you arrive and then when you leave. We used 287 K-watt hours and paid an additional $31.86, which made our nightly rate at $15.27 per night – Still not bad.

During our travel for most of the morning there was rain ahead of us, we actually never got rained on, but it meant we got all the over spray from the autos in front. We left at 9:20 and arrived at 2:00 and traveled 234 miles.

Shady Pines RV Park is a very nice well maintained park. Concrete pads with a little grass in between. It’s about 6 miles west of US 59. They have a beautiful club/meeting room. There is also a lake that you can fish in. We decided to stay here because it’s close to shopping and a movie theater, which is what we are doing tomorrow.

I heated leftover for dinner. And we just relaxed for the evening and watch TV and got caught up on blogs.

Here are some pictures of Shady Pines.

The Office/Meeting Building

Right next door to the park is Shady Pines RV Center. So that is what you are seeing in the back ground of the lake.

See you down the road.

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Mark and Dortha said...

Nice RV Park, safe travels to you both and see you in Branson.