Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday June 12th - Day 2 of Rally

Now I thought this full-timing life style was suppose to be freeing. No clocks, no up and dressed in an hour ready to walk out the door…… I may have to re-think this…for a while….okay that’s enough……. LOL :~) I am loving this life style.

Today started at 7:30am with coffee and donuts. (I skipped this part)

For our first hour Howard and Linda talked about getting ready to fill-time. They touched on all the things you should and shouldn’t do when you begin.
Then on to insurance, our speaker was from Miller RV Insurance, very informative.

Our third hour was money management with Laura Clark from Merrill Lynch.

After all that information it was time to break for lunch. We went home and I made us a salad and left over steak and pork. Then we straighten up our home because we were allowing our home to be part of the walk through.

We had many people come visit us, mostly to see the floor that Jesse put down. It was great fun sharing our home with all our new friends. RVing is so much FUN!!!!

Dinner was catered by Merrill Lynch and was very good. After that there was a fashion show. The participants were asked to dress up in something they wear to do a specific chore. It was hysterical.

Then we were on own. We walked the boys then went down to the big top to visit. We ended up playing cards (hand and foot) and listening to the chatters in the chat room.

For pictures go to RV Dreams Rally Photos

It was a good day!

See you down the road.

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