Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday May 31st - Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day. Jesse was up at 5:30, but I stayed in bed until 6:30. We did our usual routine with our coffee until it was gone.

We took the boys for a long walk around the park, as I wanted to take some pictures to show you the home’s they have here.
This is our site #32 in the ares called "The Trees"

Look at this antique, it's parked just behind us.

Note this Montana is conected to the permament structure

This was is just parked, it's not connected.

And one without a RV parked.

Once back from our walk we watched a little TV and Jesse napped. When he awoke he was hungry so he made us toast and jelly for brunch; we played with the boys, overall just a lazy morning.

Then around noon Jesse decided to work on the toilet. It had stopped holding water after our second day on the road. I straighten and rearranged the pantry items.

Toilet Fix Tools needed: One flat head screwdriver

He could tell that there was a crimp at 12:00 on the seal. (If you are facing the toilet) So he loosened the hose clamp and took the top ½ of the commode off exposing the seal. He removed the seal and took it outside to clean it off. The seal is actually 2 pieces and the crimp was on the inner piece. When he replaced the inner seal he turned it 180 degrees so that the crimped part would always be in contact with the ball. Then he replaced the commode and it now holding water again. His comment was “he had not been so up close and personal with a toilet since the 70’s and a bottle of Boones Farm Wine”.

After that we decided to shower and get dressed and go to Lowe’s. There were ants around the front of the Kram-a-lot and we wanted to get some spray so they would not get inside. He also wanted to pick up a latch for the area under the refrigerator as it opens when we are traveling. I guess the magnets are not strong enough to hold it.

When we got home we had cocktails and made dinner. I had some chicken marinating that were going on the grill along with potatoes and onions cooked in our ½ time/microwave/convection oven (which by the way I love the ½ time part) and a salad.

After dinner we took the boys for another long walk around the park. About 6 weeks ago they completed a dog run. It is very nice area for your dogs to be loose and just run around.

We watched a movie and then off to bed.

It is amazing to us how time flies. It seems you just get up and then its noon and we get up fairly early. I could tell that Jesse was feeling guilty for just wasting the day away….But we can do that in this life style and it’s OK.

See you down the road

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