Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday May 30th - Catch 22 - Chicken or Egg?


The temperature hit mid 90’s and very humid. Normally I like the humid weather, but I have gotten use to the dry in Colorado. I like humid because I don’t feel like I have to have lotion on all the time and I breathe better, but I forgot the clammy feeling all the time. Now I am not sure which I prefer.

We were up about 6am, had our coffee and just sat around talking, reading and writing. We decided to look at the paper work we were given yesterday, about what we needed to gather in order to get things registered and licensed. To get a license in the state of Texas, you MUST have a social security card. I missed placed my card years ago.

I called the Dept. of Public Safety (driver’s license office) to find out what other forms of ID I could use. I have always used my birth certificate, but that will not work. I expressed my disbelief to the lady saying “it’s good enough for the I-9 federal form”, that needs to be filled out when you employ someone to prove they are not an illegal alien. Then she asked if I had a Medicare card, which I replied “I am not old enough”.

Anyway, by this time I was getting stressed and she could tell, so she asked me to hold on. She put her supervisor on the phone and I was given the same information. She gave me the nearest SS office to where we were.

So we got dressed walked the boys and went to the mail building to get an address/mail forwarding service. They were very nice and efficient and with in 15 minutes we were Texas residences. Amazing!

Then off to the SSD office in Lufkin, 45 minutes away. Once we got inside there is a computer you input the number which corresponds to the serve you need and it prints out a ticket with a number on it and you have a seat. Jesse said “We will be here awhile” There were only two windows open and about 7-8 people before me. But when the second person was done 3 of the people left with her. I was called to the window within 5 minutes of being there. COOL!

Now, all I needed to get a replacement SS card was to fill out a form, (name, address, place of birth, Fathers and Mothers names) and show a valid driver’s license. Go figure, can’t get a driver’s license without a SS card and all the ID you need to get a SS card is a driver’s license. Is this like the chicken and the egg? Anyway you have to wait 7-10 days for them to mail your card.

By this time it was 1:30 and we wanted lunch. So we stopped at Dairy Queen (Jesse’s choice). When we were back in Livingston we decided that Jesse to go and get his Driver’s License. We went to the office, but were told we had to have our vehicles registered first.

So we went to Wal*Mart, to get a Brita water system and I needed to get a prescription refilled.

After we got home Jesse fixed the clothes rod (we hope). We relaxed, had leftovers for dinner and a peach dump cake for dessert. After the sun went down, but not dark, we took the boys for a long walk around the park. It is really a nice park, lots of permanent homes and trailers. Sorry I didn’t take the camera, so no pictures. I will have some tomorrow.

Until then

See you down the road.

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