Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday May 24, 2008 - 1st Day on the Road - Alyssa's Birthday

Today is our niece Alyssa's 9th birthday.


We were awake early 5:30am. We had a cup of coffee then at 6am we started getting things packed. We packed and cleaned the house and didn’t finish until around 12:30pm. We did stop one time to have a sandwich.

We showered and left the house at 1:30pm. We traveled 145 miles (very windy all the way) and arrived at 4:15pm to It is a family owned park and quite cute. We will be here 2 nights and paid $45.00. We got set-up; Jesse did the outside and I did the inside.

As I was going outside to get some things out of the truck I fell down the steps. Jesse came to help me up and I went in to clean myself up. No blood, just dirty. I am sure I will be bruised and sore tomorrow.

We asked if there was some place to eat in town, but there is only a breakfast/lunch place, but were told if we went to Des Moines, which was 9 miles east, that there is a restaurant there. So we drove to Des Moines for dinner. It’s not much as these towns are very, very small, but what I expected. Jesse had a hamburger steak, fries and coffee, I had chicken quesadillas and a diet coke and the bill came to $23.00 with tip.

Once we were back at the RV it was time to relax. I watched a movie, (Jesse napped the movie as usual) because Jesse couldn’t get the satellite to lock on and was too tired to try anymore tonight.

What have we forgotten? Jesse forgot the power cable for the desktop computer. So we are going to have to share the lap top until we get somewhere that we can hopefully purchase a new one. I will let you know how well we share in a few days. I forgot potholders, no big deal.

I will have picture of the RV Park tomorrow. Until then……..

See you down the road.


Ellie and Jim said...

It sounds like your first day on the road was fairly typical. I'm sure glad you didn't get hurt on the steps, but I'll bet you will be extra careful from now on. You might find the power cable in Clayton.
Happy Travels!

Mitch Haman said...

Hi Jesse and Ginger. I had posted before but I guess I clicked on the wrong button.

We hope you did not hurt your self when you fell.

We're jealous and wish we could be with you guys.

Make sure you keep up with the blog so we know what is going on.

Saw Dad yesterday and he was fine. He asked about you.
Take care and safe rving.

Love Mitch and Margaret.