Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday May 26, 2008 - MY Hero Day

We were up again at 5:30. I felt a bit groggy from the 2 Tylenol PM’s I had taken last night, but at least I slept. Jesse walked the dogs while I made coffee. We sat and had our coffee and messed around reading and writing for about 2 hours.

We then got things ready to move on. Got cleaned up and dressed for the move to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. We left at 9:30am; the trip was uneventful, very barren land. We saw antelope and lots of cows. Probably the most interesting was the wind turbine “farm”. There were hundreds of big turbines generating electricity.

It occurred to me that we should get more use from what was given to us via the sun and wind. It is really a shame that people cannot afford or won’t get the equipment to use these natural resources to generate their own power.

We arrived at Palo Duro at 2:45 after stopping one time for more coffee and one time for fuel @ $4.669 per gallon. Just like the Payne’s we are paying $30.00 per night and will be here two nights. We have site #120 right next to the site H&L had. We also adopted Crazy Chuck, or should I say he adopted us; the cardinal that keeps banging into our back window.

I will post pictures if we can find someplace for WiFi. Jesse couldn’t get the desktop to connect to the network using our air card. He got the laptop connected, but is very slow; it would take most of the day to upload pictures.

We got set up and I made dinner. I made potato salad, baked beans, and I had hot dogs, Jesse had hot Italian sausage. I also made an apple dump cake for dessert.

We relaxed and I watched (Jesse napped) a remake of the Andromeda Strain. Then we walked the boys and got ready for bed. Realizing that I didn’t set the time on the bedroom clock, I went to do this, but couldn’t find my glasses. I thought a moment and remembered; I had them in my shirt when we went out to walk the boys, which meant they were out there somewhere in the darkness.

Jesse got out of bed, dressed and when out in search for them. I had little hope that he would find them as it was very, very dark tonight, no moon. But he came back in just a few minutes with my UNSCRATCHED glasses. AMAZING. The best part was he made no smart remarks or had any "looks" for me, he just did what he signed up to do almost 29 years ago, take care of me.


Until tomorrow

See you down the road.

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