Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 - RV Modifications

Hello everyone Jesse here. I wanted to show you some modifications I have made to our Montana 3400RL 5er.

RVers are always looking for ways to improve the livability of their units just as we did in our stix and bricks homes. With storage being at a premium the RV manufacturers are generous enough to give us extra hidden storage space. You just have to find them.

This is a “mod’ I picked up at the Montana Owners Club Forum. I am an avid reader of several forums; The Montana Owners Club, Escapees, Trailer Life, Workampers, and RV-Dreams. I occasionally read I RV 2, RV Net, and any others I come across. I have picked up most of my technical and maintenance knowledge for the 5er from reading the forums or posting questions.

This one is from the Montana Owners Club Forum. There is a small access panel under the fridge, which has a bit of usable storage. Some folks use this for hiding valuables since it looks like you cannot open it with the screws in place. Others like me use it to store the central vacuum hose and attachments thus freeing up valuable space in the lounge.



Another that Ginger thought of. There is a small closet for hanging clothes between the bed and the shower. She had me change into shelves. She thought it would be more useful that way. Here is the way it looks now.

The biggest change I have made is replacing the carpet with a laminate floor, but I will save that for another day. Have a good one!

Ginger here.

Thanks for letting folks know how handy you are honey. Of course our family already knows. Jesse made many changes to our home in Baltimore.

Nothing note worthy happened today. We grilled fish for dinner, relaxed and watched “American Idol”. Only 17 more working days left.

See you down the road.

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