Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, May 16, 2008 - An Evening with Friends

TGFI again and only one more to go. Work was normal for Friday as it was pretty slow. I was taking off early today because we were spending the evening with friends.

Jim and Ellie were meeting us at Red Lobster for dinner, then back to our house for dessert. We were greeted with hugs and handshakes as they were already there when we arrived.

First thing Jesse noticed was the Corona in Jim’s hand. That answered the question do they do cocktails? Well at least Jim does, Ellie was driving so she had iced tea. We were seated right away and Jesse ordered a draft and a glass of wine for me.

We all ordered shrimp prepared in various ways and everyone enjoyed their meal. We talked about ours plans, and their plans and just enjoyed being together. After dinner they followed to our house.

Of course our boys thought they were there to see them, so they were all over them. Once the initial greetings were over they went and laid down (the boys not Jim and Ellie :~)

We started playing some serious canasta. We played partners the guys against the girls. Jesse had never played canasta before and it had been since I was a teenager that I had played, but we both had played hand and foot, so the transition was easy. I am sorry to say the guys won both games, but a good time was had by all. Getting to know these two is such a blessing, I hope Jesse and I are lucky enough to meet more good people through our travels down the road.

I served dessert. I had baked some cookies (chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin) and a dump cake, my 1st try at this one. I made it with cherries and crushed pineapples and a yellow cake mix. I served it warm and Jesse wondered where's the ice cream? Everyone said they liked it; I thought the top needed to be crunchier. Jim suggested putting it under the broiler next time.

When the evening came to a close we wished them safe travels, said our good byes with hugs and handshakes. We are all looking forward to Branson, until then.........

See you down the road.


Paula and Tom said...

Hi I just wandered in from a link on Ellie's blog and just want to wish you guys the best of times. We are just finishing up our 1st year of FTing and haven't looked back. Hope to see you down the road. Tom

The Haman's said...

Thanks we are really looking forward to the adventure.

See you down the road