Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008 - Need Bird Advice and more Preparation

We started our day with a cup of coffee then showering and went out to breakfast at our favorite place Cracker Barrel. Then on to Lowes, Jesse needed to buy the wrench thingy and a few other things. Then we were off to Wal-Mart.

The foam mattress didn’t pass the test. It was not uncomfortable, but it wasn’t any better either. So it went back to Wal-Mart today. How did that thing come out of that box? We could barely fold it enough to get it in the truck to return it. Wal-Mart is great, we told them we slept on it one night, and they took it back no questions. We were sure glad because the $160.00 was better in our pockets.

Once we got home, we put all the groceries away, changed clothes, then we were back to work on getting things ready for departure. We put 1 of the rocker recliners back in that came with the RV. Jesse wants to replace it with a euro recliner, but we can’t find one in Pueblo. We will be looking for one in our travels. We have a chest freezer that we are taking and that went in place of the other recliner.

Jesse worked on the shower drain and I started laundry. I also packed up more kitchen things like blender, crockpot, mixer, griddle, and some pantry items. I got some of my craft things ready that I am taking and I am starting to make lists.

Update on the baby birds living in our hitch. As you can see there are 3 babies.

We need advice from the birders out there. What can we do with them next week when we are leaving? If we move the nest will the Mommy still take care of them? And if we move it, where do we move it? We have NO trees to put them in. WHAT DO WE DO?

We had planned to go to the movies today, but found that we had no time. Once we called it a day I made dinner, we relaxed, watched TV and did some computer reading.

Tomorrow is our last Monday to work.
Until then..

See you down the road.


Speedy said...

Been there...We had to put a screen over our old trailer hitch to keep them from coming back. You have to admit that is a great place for nest!

Joe and Sherri

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

We stuff a towel in there in the spring so they can't get in. We've had them try. Last year we had a family on the lip of our main slide but we were in one place for 3 months so it was ok.