Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday May 25, 2008 - 1st Full Day on the Road

Today we started out as retired people living in our RV. It was a good feeling; although I didn’t sleep very well. The power management system (surge suppressor) that Jesse installed kept making the power go off. This happened about 4-5 times and it woke me each time. The boys were very restless and I was really sore from my fall yesterday.

By 5:30am everyone was ready to get out of the bed, even me as I could not fall back off to sleep. I started the coffee and we walked the boys and Jesse changed to a different electric plug and that fixed the power surges. We turned on the fireplace as the temperature was 54 degrees and had our coffee and talked about our day.

After awhile Jesse went out to try and setup the satellite for the TV again. He couldn’t get the signal, no signal, on signal, and then he got locked on. When he came in he couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Come to find out he didn’t have the satellite hooked up to the receiver box. Once he got it hooked up correctly, everything was working correctly.

By this time it was 9am and I made us some breakfast and cleaned up. We messed around awhile longer got cleaned up and dressed to go to the Capulin Volcano National Park

This is a picture of the bottom of the volcano

After that we took a drive to the Folsom. There were cattle guards all along the road, but it didn't keep them from crossing. They were all over the place.

We walked around the Folsom Museum. It was a real sleepy town and the Museum looked like an antique shop. It had lots of old stuff in it.

Here is a picture the Volcano from our camp site.

Here’s one of our site with Jesse and the boys.

Jesse didn't forget to bring the power cord, he just forget where he put it. It is found and we are not sharing.

We went for a few walks around the area with the boys tonight. I made us dinner, we had planned to grill but the wind won’t let up, therefore I made chicken and fried pasta for dinner. We relaxed for the evening and did some computer stuff. Jesse is trying to figure out our route after we leaving Palo Duro. I went to bed early 8:30. Tomorrow is a travel day for us.
It is also Memorial Day a day to honor fallen military.

I salute you!

See you down the road.


Anonymous said...

Congrats at being fulltimers! Welcome to the road.
We retired the first of this year but have been living in our rig since October 2006.
We have a journal at:

Donna McNicol said...

Congratulations and welcome to the road. Been enjoying your blog!