Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - Hump Day

Today is hump day and nothing exciting happened.

Jesse worked on switching out the surraound sound speakers, DVD player/recorder and the stereo from the house to the RV. The ones that came with the RV are no name and ours are much better equipment. From what he said this was not as easy as it sounded. He had to take out the fireplace and the TV to get to the speakers. The TV and speakers were secured to the cabinet from the bottom of each item by screws. They all needed to be taken out, then replaced by our better quality units then secured back by screws. I guess it took him longer then he thought it would. He was still working on it when I got home.

I made dinner while he showered and then just sat around watching TV until bed time.

Maybe tomorrow will be a more exciting day.

See you down the road


Speedy said...

I will just have to assume it all worked when he got through???

Joe and Sherri

Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

Yes it all worked. The speaker mounts for the rear speakers would not fit our speakers but I still had some from the old house back east so I just swapped them. Almost all works ok. 1 speaker in the bedroom stopped working so I must have knocked it out of the back of the stereo. I will check it out this weekend.....jesse