Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday May 27 - Time Change Confusion

Today started at 5:30 again, or so we thought. We were really messed up with the time change. We knew we were in Central Time zone some things had that time zone and others still had Mountain Time. Anyway we actually got up at 6:30 and sat around drinking coffee and just enjoying the morning reading and writing.

It had been very hot yesterday in the 90’s, and we slept with the air conditioner on, but today was only suppose to be in the low 80’s.

By the time we had breakfast, were showered and dressed and had the boys all settled in it was 12:30pm and we were on our way to scout out the Canyon. We drove around the loop, and saw the Texas Long Horn Steers, they are huge. Our son-in-law DJ has one that must be a miniature. I will download a picture when we have WiFi.

Once we were finished looking at the Canyon we were on our way to Wal-Mart for groceries. I had a list and stuck to it, I only got two extra things that were not on the list. Good job!!

Back home we put all the groceries away, walked to boys and continued to just sit around relaxing. Jesse was mapping out our route from here to Livingston, TX and I was entering bills and updating spreadsheets.

While we were in town we had stopped at Pizza Hut and we each had a personal pan pizza and a Pepsi, which came to $9.01 with tip, so we only had leftovers for dinner.

We wanted to leave early tomorrow because we were planning to traveling 300 miles; which is 100 more then we had originally planned. We are trying to reach Livingston in 2 days.

After finishing the remake of Andromeda Strain we started last night we walked the boys and were off to bed.

Can’t wait to see what excitement has in store for us tomorrow, until then..

See you down the road

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