Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, February 3 – Rain, Food Shopping, Pool and Relaxing

When we woke this morning it was raining. We laid in bed listening to it on the roof, it is very relaxing. The boys were content to jump into bed with us and sleep for a while longer.

After a while Bayer wanted to get up. It was raining quite hard and when we opened the door he changed his mind fast. But Jesse was all dressed so out they went. All 4 of them were just sopping wet when they returned. I put their halters and towels in the dryer. After I was finished drying them I wished I could just put the boys in to dry, but not possible.

I had coffee ready for Jesse when he returned and we enjoyed our computer time while drinking coffee.

The plan today originally was to go to the zoo. Of course that was out with the weather. I called Joyce to inform her we were not going and she said neither were they.

I had a big list for Walmart shopping so after our showers we drove to Walmart. It was very, very busy. When we got to the check-outs there were only 4 regular (more then 20 items) lanes open and long lines in each. Thankfully they opened a few more and we got out without too much hassle.

While we were there Ed called to see if Jesse wanted to go to the pool hall and play. As soon as he helped me in with the groceries I sent him on his way to the pool hall to play with his friends. I guess there was a crowd of guys there Ed, Jesse, Roger, Heinz, Carl Ted and Dan.

While he was gone I put away all the items we had purchased and started dinner. I made chili with ground turkey. After I let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Then took 1/2 of it and put into a 8x8 baking dish and covered with some cheddar cheese.

Then I took a box mix of jiffy corn bread mix and prepared it as directed and put on top of the cheese. I baked it at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. I served it with a salad and it was yummy. This was a twist for me as I had been wanting Sheppard's pie, but chili sounded good on this wet day.

While I was making the chili Joyce stopped by with our dessert. She baked a pumpkin pie and brought us 2 pieces. Thank you very much Joyce it was delicious.

It was TV and computers for the rest of the evening.

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squawmama said...

Hey Ginger... I am so trying that recipe... sounds easy and delish! Thanks for such a great idea... Raining like crazy here today too... Have fun & travel safe!