Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday June 18 - Travel to Ok

We were up and on the road by 9:15am. It was an uneventful trip until we arrived at our destination around 3:30pm after 265 miles.

We decided to stay at Fire Lake Casino. Jesse looked on line, they have water and electric only and you can stay FREE. All you need do is go into the Casino and get a 3 day pass. When we arrived we asked a security guard where the campground was. He told us that it was behind the putt-putt golf course. There was no one there. We noticed that they sewer which we were not expecting.

We stopped and walked the area to decide which site to take. We decided and got all set up.

Then we talked to a guy that was cleaning the concrete picnic tables with a power washer. He asked us if we were part of the Festival. What? No. He was telling us that the whole area, where we were parked, was under water from the rains.

Concerned we decided that we better move to higher ground. So we packed up and moved. Again we got all set up, cooled down the RV as it was 90 something and got the boys settled and walk over to the Casino for our permit.

We asked at the Cashiers booth “where do we get our permit for camping”. We were told that we needed to go across the street to the police station and pay our fees. Fees, I thought you said it was free.

While walking across the street to the police station, I thought of Jim Mecham, he would not be doing this.

We were told that the fees were $13.00 per night maximum stay of 3 nights.

Jesse told her what he read on line and we found out we were in the wrong place. The free Casino was the Fire Lake Grand Casino 12 miles down the road.
We decided to stay at least on night.

She said that she wasn’t sure if we could stay more that one night, she would check, as they were expecting the Citizen Pottawatomie Indian Festival was this weekend. So I got my cash out.

THEN they noticed a memo on the wall that said no camping, because they needed to get things ready for the Festival. They would not let us even stay one night. As we are walking back to the truck Jesse made some joke, my reply “I am not happy right now and jokes will not help”. He was very silent after that. So you guessed it, we packed up AGAIN. Good practice?

We are now set up at the Fire Lake Casino Grand. We have our permit and are told we can stay as long as we want, just need to check in every 3 days.

Now its 7:30pm we need showers and food. I cooked a pasta dish I had in the freezer. We took showers, ate and just collapsed.


This was the 1st time I thought “Why do I want this lifestyle” :~) Taking the good with the bad I wouldn’t change a thing.

See you down the road.


Unknown said...

Is a "bad" day in the life of a fulltimer a whole lot better than a dull day in the life of a wannabe? LOL :) I know you two will recover and be happily on your way.
Don and Cheryl

The Haman's said...

Yes, Don a bad day as a fulltimer is much better then any wannabe day!!

Hope all is well with you guys.