Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 26 – Holiday over

With Christmas behind us I decided to take down the decorations.

Jesse helped me get the totes from the basement then he went off with Ed on some errands.

Went he returned I had everything boxed up. I was also baking a turkey breast for dinner. The RV became really hot inside with the oven on, so I opened all the windows and doors. That didn’t help much but a little.

He was hungry, so I heated the leftover french toast for breakfast. He helped me put away the totes and then took the boys to the dog park.

While he was gone I dusted and vacuumed our house on wheels. I continued to prepare our meal for the evening consisting of turkey, stuffing, yams, gravy, cranberry sauce, broccoli and wine.

Sorry the lighting was not very good.


Here’s a better one of Jesse


After dinner Jesse helped me clean up and we relaxed for a while.

We took the boys for a walk and checked the mail.

Hurray! my new Texas license had come so we stopped to let Ed and Marilyn know I could now go to Mexico. We are planning a trip for New Year’s eve day.

Back at the homestead we watched TV and continued to relaxed until bed.

See ya down the road

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Mitch Haman said...

Hello Jesse and Ginger
I can see you had a nice Christmas day.
We did also but it would have been better if we all could have been together. Have a happy new year.

Jesse I don't see you on Skype anymore?